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Austral CCMS Products

Austral CCMS is now offering a range of products to suit your needs.

Waiting List - Stand Alone Waiting List Software

  • Enrol children into your online waiting list
  • Collect Deposits
  • Set reminders to email you i.e. to contact parent for placement
  • Report on children on your waiting list
  • Set Priority for position on waiting list
  • Can be used in conjunction with your current CCMS software

Low cost software from $29 per month. Includes maintenance, upgrades, email support and daily back ups.

See pricing for more details .

Austral CCMS Management Software - Described Below

What is Austral CCMS?

Austral CCMS is a fully functional CCMS software that links the children/parents attending your centre to CCMS.  Not only is Austral CCMS a CCMS software, it is a holistic approach to your administration needs making it a management solution for your service/s.There is no need for expensive servers or IT equipment, Austral CCMS simply operates on a PC or Apple MAC computer that is connected to the Internet wherever you are.

What does Austral CCMS do?

Below is a list of the main functions of Austral CCMS. If you would like to see more of what Austral CCMS has to offer, click on the features link in the left hand panel.

Switch today and enjoy the benefits!

Austral CCMS is Easy to use - Switching is even Easier. We have the Best CCMS Solution in Australia with a growing list of features to benefit you like no other system can!

Our Professional and Courteous Support Team will make you feel like we are local to you no matter where you are.

We also have local area numbers for you to contact us on.

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Is Austral CCMS registered software?

Austral CCMS software is registered with DEEWR and is compliant CCMS software. The system is online to the CCMS system 24 hours a day and meets all new requirements of each CCMS version as they are rolled out.

What does it cost?

Because every service is different, it is hard to have set pricing.

In our standard pricing structure you will expect to have the following inclusions;

  • One database for as many CCB approval IDs as needed. This normally ends up being per site.
  • Multiple Logins to the database
  • Direct Debit Facility - No extra charge
  • Helpdesk support via phone, email and inbuilt ticket system (in software)
  • Automatic upgrades

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