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FREE CCB Calculator / CCB estimator tool to calculating the Child Care Benefit (CCB) paid by the Government. To use the calculator, enter details in the input section and click on the submit button to view the estimated Entitlement CCB and Parent Contribution.

Numbers are for a whole week. Example A child in LDC comes three days a week, daily fee is $50.00 and the centre opens from 7am till 7pm.  Parents is on 100% CCB and eligiable for 24 Hours.

Week Ending 7 July 2013
Full Fee for Hours Attended = 3 x 50.00 = 150.00
Total Hours Attending = 3 x 12 = 36
Child attending school? Do not tick unless Before or After School or Vacation Care
CCB Percentage = 100
Total Eligible Hours = 24
Click Next .  The answer is: - CCB paid by the government should be = $102.34.  The Gap that the parent will need to pay is $47.66

Privacy. Please note that none of the details entered are stored in any system and are only displayed with the final calculations so that you can print it and have a copy of the calculations.

Also see CCMS Software resources page

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