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Select Another Parent

This is a list of parents who have an active enrolment in the service.

It doesn't include new parents on the waiting list or parents who have left or been exited from the service.
Start / End Date

Start and End dates are optional. If you do not put in any dates, the child will be in the roll book from the date their enrolment starts and attendance will be created accordingly until an end date is put against the child’s enrolment.

If a start date is entered against the default session group, the child will show up in roll book reports and attendance can be created from this date on.

If an end date is entered against the default session group, the child will stop showing up in the roll book reports and attendance will stop being created.
First Payment Date

Select the date when the first payment will be made.

For monthly payments, the selected day will be automatically used for the next months.

For weekly payments, the day of the week will be used for the next weeks.